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Right part, right price

Centrally located in the Waikato, Mercworxs has parts for over 200 classic Mercedes cars, covering models from 1950 onwards. Our extensive stock, experience and knowledge of these models means we can supply the right part at the right price and send parts to your door, nationwide.

Parts are available for these models:

Our extensive stock of over 200 Mercedes vehicles include (but aren't limited to) the following chassis numbers:

  • WDB 107 (280-560SLs and SLCs)
  • WDB 114 & 115 (200-280Es and CEs)
  • WDB 116 (280-450 SEs and SELs)
  • WDB 123 (200-280Es)
  • WDB 124 (200-320Es)
  • WDB 126 (280-560SEs and SELs)
  • WDB 201 (190Es)
  • WDB 210 E Class (E200-E320s)
  • WDB 202 C Class
  • Roundies
  • Finnies

Brayden Clothier

Brayden grew up working with cars and was always in the workshop pulling them apart, putting them back together and driving them around the tree hut as soon as he could reach the pedals. There's not much about Mercedes he hasn't pulled apart, repaired and put back together again. Since buying the business from his father Steven, in 2019, Brayden has moved Mercworxs to a new yard and is expanding the business with newer models.

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